Friday, December 31, 2010

the support is there! Lets do a show!

As of 1:00 am 12/31/2010

516 Facebook Followers
100 Responses on Survey monkey
26 Followers on Twitter

We have more than cleared our goal of 500 before the new Year! You guys so totally rock! This is awesome and exciting!

This makes it official. the Fan Support is there, now to pull in the sponsorship and support to make sure the show has the production value worthy of the material, and that our artists, performers and craftsman can be fairly compensated for their craft, energy and skill!!! We will also be putting together the money to make sure the folks over at Time Science Blood Club can make sure the original creators see their share!

We'll be working hard on that the next couple months before we start Auditions and casting!

Thank you again for your continued support... AND of course if you or anyone you know have a business, or organization that would like to sponsor, advertise, invest or become involved in the production in some way, please contact us!

Email to: or

We'll send you information about sponsoring or investing in the show...

Heres to a NEW YEAR!!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays from "Me and Mine..."

just a little greeting from Chinese Pirate Productions...

May nothing "damage your calm" (ala Jayne) and may "Someone else's loss [be your] chocolatey goodness!" (ala Xander)

and as for the show... we're at around 410 followers on facebook, and around 90 surveys. It seems very likely that between any additional fans we pick up in the next week, and the many fans who are excited but not necessarily FB users, we will have more than reached our goal of 500 supporters...

so with that, I think its safe to say we're pushing ahead with this!!!

thank you all for your continued support. With the new year, we will start generating funds from sponsors, investors and corporate backing (a couple of you have already sent in some support money, and for that I thankyou!) and if you have any leads, ideas or would like to sponsor, or invest in the show yourself or on behalf of your business, please send an email our way!

As soon as we can we'll open up official presales for tickets, announce auditions, and offer some tidbits about the show and our creative team...

...and with the new year... lets all hope that comic con reg finally stops crashing!

from "me and mine..." Have a safe and happy holidays...


Friday, November 12, 2010

Help us get a $25k Hiring grant from Intuit!

We have applied for a Small Business grant from Intuit! They will select a Business to accept a $25,000 hiring grant at the end of each month through the end of the year based on how many votes in Favor of the business are received!  We are currently ranked #14!!!

So PLEASE tell people and vote for CHINESE PIRATE PRODUCTIONS and help get this project goin!

Vote Via Cell Phone Text message:
Txt: ChinesePiratePr
to: 244326

Or Vote Online At:

THANKS So Much!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

200 Strong!!! Now an offer for you!

Yesterday we hit 200 followers on facebook. Quite a landmark indeed! Thanks to all of you for supporting us in our attempt to create a Live Stage show based on DR HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG BLOG!

In honor of this, I'd like to offer you a special offer and opportunity ensure our success.

The first step in making this show a reality is getting permission from the original creators. This is a contract and Licensing fee which will amount to just under $5000. So, THIS is our first fund-raising goal!

With this in mind, and in honor of our first 200 members, I will make this offer.

Tickets to our preview performances on July 15th and 16th will go to the first 200 people to contribute $20 to us via rocket-hub. We will also offer tickets to Wednesday's July 20th performance for folks who make $22 contributions.
(Link for Rocket Hub at end of this message)

This will be lower than any conventional ticket price for the show!

This will only work, however, if the total number of contributions hits our target of $5000 within the next 70 days.

If we don't hit $5000, your money will be refunded. If we do hit $5000, you've gotten a considerable discount, secured your tickets for the show, and officially set us in motion to make the show a reality.

So if you want in on this, head to

And make your contribution today!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

155! Almost one third of the way to our goal!

October 5 at 12:03pm

Hey true believers!

We are just about one third of the way from our our target of 500
members who want to see a LIVE STAGE version of DR HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG
BLOG in SAN DIEGO during COMIC CON 2011!

Thats 155 people in one month! We have three more months to make our
target! Once again, this show will only happen if we can prove to
sponsors that we have the numbers to sell tickets!

SO! Tell your friends! Post us to your blogs, and and share us on your fan

There are Whedonites, Browncoats, Buffy Fans, Guildies, NPH faithful,
and "Fillion Fiends" out there who don't yet know that we're trying to
do this! So please pass the word!
Find us on Facebook!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Steady Climb

September 28 at 1:55am

We're up to 125 supporters on Facebook and 64 Surveys completed!! (Kinda
funny that surveys have bee at exactly half the Facebook membership the
whole time...)

We're climbing steadily towards our goal. This
puts us at one forth of the way, and we still have until December of
this year!!!

So please continue to pass the word, and encourage your friends to just take one short moment to join the group. In addition to seeking out support, tracking down sponsors and gearing up
to raise money for the production, I've also been talking to folks in order to recruit a kick ass production team. So with any luck, in a month or so I'll post some videos with some concept art or other ideas. And of course once we hit our target, casting begins!

I know there are a lot of people who are excited about the idea, and would love to see the show, but are reluctant or lazy about joining the group or doing the survey. But the only way to get the backing to do this show is to prove there is an audience who will be there to see the show!

So for those of you have done your part, THANK YOU for being awesome!!
And please keep spreading the word that you want to see a live Stage version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog in San Diego!


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're up to 109 friends on Facebook!

September 21 at 2:31pm

We're up to 109 friends on Facebook!

We're right on track, in the last 3 weeks since we started this campaign,
we've built up to 109 people on face book, and 53 folks have taken our
survey, with responses from local San Diegans, People from up and down
the coast like San Francisco, San Bruno, Los Angeles, even folks from
Oregon and Alaska!

Thanks to all of you for spreading the word!
this is completely an independently produced, fan generated project!,
and we dont want to do it unless we know we can do it right!

So that said, we have a target. We need to build proper support by
December of this year. If we hit that target, and we're confident we
can do the show justice, then we are a go!

so please, if you have not filled out the Survey Please do that HERE!

Please tell everyone you know to Join this Facebook Group!

the word on to other blogs, and other clubs and groups who would want
to see a professional stage mounting of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog,
here in San Diego the month of Comic Con 2011!

Thanks for your support!!

Find us on Facebook!