Wednesday, October 20, 2010

200 Strong!!! Now an offer for you!

Yesterday we hit 200 followers on facebook. Quite a landmark indeed! Thanks to all of you for supporting us in our attempt to create a Live Stage show based on DR HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG BLOG!

In honor of this, I'd like to offer you a special offer and opportunity ensure our success.

The first step in making this show a reality is getting permission from the original creators. This is a contract and Licensing fee which will amount to just under $5000. So, THIS is our first fund-raising goal!

With this in mind, and in honor of our first 200 members, I will make this offer.

Tickets to our preview performances on July 15th and 16th will go to the first 200 people to contribute $20 to us via rocket-hub. We will also offer tickets to Wednesday's July 20th performance for folks who make $22 contributions.
(Link for Rocket Hub at end of this message)

This will be lower than any conventional ticket price for the show!

This will only work, however, if the total number of contributions hits our target of $5000 within the next 70 days.

If we don't hit $5000, your money will be refunded. If we do hit $5000, you've gotten a considerable discount, secured your tickets for the show, and officially set us in motion to make the show a reality.

So if you want in on this, head to

And make your contribution today!

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