Tuesday, October 5, 2010

155! Almost one third of the way to our goal!

October 5 at 12:03pm

Hey true believers!

We are just about one third of the way from our our target of 500
members who want to see a LIVE STAGE version of DR HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG
BLOG in SAN DIEGO during COMIC CON 2011!

Thats 155 people in one month! We have three more months to make our
target! Once again, this show will only happen if we can prove to
sponsors that we have the numbers to sell tickets!

SO! Tell your friends! Post us to your blogs, and and share us on your fan

There are Whedonites, Browncoats, Buffy Fans, Guildies, NPH faithful,
and "Fillion Fiends" out there who don't yet know that we're trying to
do this! So please pass the word!
Find us on Facebook!


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