Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays from "Me and Mine..."

just a little greeting from Chinese Pirate Productions...

May nothing "damage your calm" (ala Jayne) and may "Someone else's loss [be your] chocolatey goodness!" (ala Xander)

and as for the show... we're at around 410 followers on facebook, and around 90 surveys. It seems very likely that between any additional fans we pick up in the next week, and the many fans who are excited but not necessarily FB users, we will have more than reached our goal of 500 supporters...

so with that, I think its safe to say we're pushing ahead with this!!!

thank you all for your continued support. With the new year, we will start generating funds from sponsors, investors and corporate backing (a couple of you have already sent in some support money, and for that I thankyou!) and if you have any leads, ideas or would like to sponsor, or invest in the show yourself or on behalf of your business, please send an email our way!

As soon as we can we'll open up official presales for tickets, announce auditions, and offer some tidbits about the show and our creative team...

...and with the new year... lets all hope that comic con reg finally stops crashing!

from "me and mine..." Have a safe and happy holidays...


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