Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video Blog #12

A sneak peek look at our many rehearsals, production meetings, and the entire creative process...

Almost 50 professional theatre artists are working on this production!  friends Fans and Favors from around the San Diego theatre Community

Produced, Adapted and Directed by
Andy Lowe

Arrangements, Orchestrations and Musical Direction by
Brian Hammond

Nathan Turner    Michael Minto    Jane Lui
Zack Wolfe   Susan Hammons
Adina Silva   Claire Kaplan   Michael Nieto
Thomas Lokensgard   Karen Li

Conductor/Keybord Korrie Pallioto
Guitar/Keyboard PJ Bovee
Bass Greg Friedman
Percussion Kellen Miller

Scenic Design by David F. Weiner
Projection Design by Michael Lowe
Lighting Design by Chris Rynne
Sound Design by Paul Peterson
Costume Design by Jannifer Mah

Choreography by Karen Li
Assistant Director Janny Li
Stage Manager Tareena D. Wimbish
Assistant Stage Manager Bryant J. Dougharty

Original Transcriptions and Additional Arrangements by Moses Lei
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” name, literary material and characters and musical compositions used by permission from Time Science Blood Club, LLC. ©2008 Time Science Blood Club, LLC.”
Assistant Lighting Designer by Lace Flores
Assistant Projection  Design by Marillia Maschion
Sound Console Operator Austin Taylor
Properties and Scenic Artist Jennifer Imbler
Scenic Artist Joan Newhouse
Specialty Props  by Stephan Lutz and David Weiner
Puppet Design  and Fabrication by Andy Lowe
Carpenters   Thomas Lucenti
                 Seamus Obryan
                 Preston Spence
                 Michael Curtis
                 Chris Borreson
                 Kyle Ahlquist
                  Camren Wakefield
Costumes     Heather Primo
                 Kristin Bongiovani
Sound Tech Kevin Anthenill
                 RJ Givens
Electricians Kristen Flores
                 Chad Mata
                 Jonathan Burns
                 Michelle Miles

Executive Producer Andy Lowe
Associate Producer Dennis Michael Broussard
Marketing and Press Relations (Gam3rCon)  Ariel Fajerman
Web Design Christina Rogers
Graphic Design  by Mario T. Torres
Video Blog Production  by Andy Lowe
Promotional Video Production  by George Ye
Additional Video Production  by      KL Brisby
                                          Albert Park

Special thanks to:
Old Globe Theatre, Lou Spisto, La Jolla Playhouse, Asian Story Theatre, Brian Bielawski, Walter G. Meyer, Gam3rs and Gam3rCon, NAAC (National Asian American Coalition), 10th Ave Theatre, Jeff Cotta, Dennis Michael Broussard, Richie Edquid, Sean Malloy, Circle  Circle Dot Dot, EveOke Dance Theatre, Mo'Olelo Theater, Diversionary Theater, SDSU Theatre Department, sdAART, Bear Arts Foundation, Coronado School of the Arts, Areta MacKelvie, Electronic Theatre Controls, OCS Lighting & Controls, Brian Burke, Seema Sueko, Bret Young, Joyce Teague, our Facebook Fans, Allison Lonsdale, Eben Brooks, Mutant Enemy, Browncoats and Whedonites, In Memory of William Lowe

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