Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video Blog # 11

Okay, so the last month has been busy... needless to say, I've fallen behind... But the show opens next week!  Its very exciting how quickly all the elements piece together at the end...

anyways, heres V-Blog #11
 and as a tidbit of interest... we all kinda thought this was pretty damn cool...

This also Got us featured on Channel APA 

And the Angry Asian Man gave us a shoutout as well! 

We also had a GREAT interview with PixelatedGeek.com when they visited our rehearsals

And one of the biggest feathers in our cap, the coverage we received from American Theatre Magazine... 

 So thats where we're at... Opening at the end of this week, a good deal of press and reviewers from both local press and national blogging scene... Going into tech rehearsal any minute now!  wish us Broken Legs!

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