Friday, March 18, 2011

Bunch of Updates!

Hi everyone!
Before we begin, if you're auditioning this weekend, BREAK A LEG!!! If not, stay tuned for our cast announcement in a few weeks! And now, a few updates in case you haven't checked in with us in a while.


If you'll be at this local Japanese Animation Convention in San Diego, Stop by "Garden 2" at about 1 pm on Saturday the 26th! Members of our creative team will be speaking along with the masterminds behind GAM3RS: The Play, members of Crazed imaginations, Singer Song writer Allison Lonsdale, and perhaps a few other special guests. The topic? "From Theater Geeks, to Geek Theatre: where do pop culture and high art collide?"
More info HERE:

2) NEW FACEBOOK PAGE In Case you haven't seen, we have a NEW Facebook page to help us increase a little more visibility than our group page, and we're already up to almost 200 in just about a week and a half... so Stop in and "Like" us HERE:

If you haven't bought your advance tickets yet, what are you waiting for... Time Science Blood Club recently announced they would no longer be releasing production rights for stage adaptations, so we will be one of the last LIVE Stage shows for a little while! PLUS, buy tickets now and save $10 from the at the door price of $35! (for all online sales prior to May 1st!) Buy Tickets HERE:

200 Likes in just under a week and a half, and I think thats partially thanks to our new graphic image! I think it looks great, and makes a fetching postcard/flyer!
That said, we got 5000 of these back from the printers, so do us a favor and help us spread the word... Got a place you think you could put out some flyers for us? Know of a group who would like to negotiate an advance group sale discount (groups of 10 or more). then JOIN OUR STREET TEAM!

Dr. Horrible will be sharing the stage with Gam3rs: The Play... and we both will be sharing the Tenth Avenue Theater with Gam3rCon San Diego!

Serving ComicCon Attendees, and those not so lucky with their refresh buttons on Ticket Leap last month, Gam3rCon will celebrate the traditions of interactive entertainment, from the traditions of dice and cards, to the latest in digital and online experiences. Gam3rcon will offer a focused environment in San Diego for Game enthusiasts and professionals alike!


Dr. Horrible LIVE is a project of

May 1st!!!
this wonderful Cultural Fair will be fun for the whole family!
Featuring Art, Music, Dance, Martial arts, and culture from many of San Diego's APIA Community, ACF will be in Point Loma's Liberty Station at the NTC is back...
and Chinese Pirate Productions will be there!
Stop by and say Hello!

A new musical based on the life and journals or the great Post Impressionist era painter(and amateur musician), Paul Gauguin. Coming to San Diego this August!

Thanks for your support!


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